Texans have power outages and more...who feels bad?

Writer: Samia Dodson

So, we all had to hear about the Texas power outage that has been going on. Many people have been asking “how do we stay warm?” -a comment on TikTok wrote. Well as we can all tell they really are not used to all this, their power has never been off before. And people on the internet haven't really felt bad for people in Texas. Some people may think that they're just going through what everyone else has seen and been through (and that the rich Texans need to shut up about the situation).

Many people who don’t live in Texas may not know why they had their power outage, out of the blue. Well if you do not know texas gets their power source from natural sources like the sun, and when the sun is not around there's a little bit of non-natural sources that are used. However, there was something that happened to the un-natural resources that messed up the power. We believe that something could have fallen down or water may have damaged the system. Because as you may know Texas hasn't snowed in like forever, so maybe the un-natural system wasn’t made water proof for when the snow falls.

But this whole situation gets even worse, because not only does Texas power cut out. But it also starts snowing and in Texas it hasn’t snowed for years as said above. And down in Texas it is mainly sunny clouds and cloudy days.

“Houston's new record for earliest snowfall of the season is now Nov. 13, 2018. Falling snow flurries created a frenzy on Tuesday across southeast Texas. The latest snowfall recorded of the season occurred on March 22, 1968.” -A source says.

However, you may think this has already been enough for Texas. But, things get even weirder. Texas water pipes have been broken and their water is unsafe. Their water has things like parasites and brain eating parasites as well. These brain eating parasites that are in their water can kill someone in up to 5 days. (You can imagine how dangerous this must be for people in Texas, and this is nothing like what anyone has experienced before.) So people who live in Texas can not use pipe water. They cannot use the water on their face, for their body, washing hands, or to take showers.

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